ELLIOTT arriving to open his art exhibition "Art for a New Millennium". Left to right: Sarah, Adele, El Maestro, Kim and Vicky. James Elliott arrived with the girls in a peppermint green 1957 Cadillac Convertible stuffed with hundreds of pink and lilac balloons. The trip from Hampstead to the West End of London with the stereo blasting and the balloons bobbing about, turned heads everywhere - a source of much laughter and delight for the girls. On arrival they were brought a bottle of Champagne - the only alcohol Elliott drinks - from the gallery, which they drank outside before going in. This picture was taken at that point. The arrival was clearly observable by the large crowd inside the gallery, as it boasted the longest gallery window in London at 15 meters (47 feet). Everyone inside burst into spontaneous applause as James Elliott and the girls entered the gallery.

The Times noted :
"To describe him as flamboyant is an understatement, anyone who prints pound notes with their own face replacing the Queens and who turns up at events in large cars with topless models could not be described otherwise".

The British Journal Of Photography commented :
“Page 3 girls, glamour models and TV personalities spilled onto the pavement as the Elliott entourage arrived - fashionably late - amidst a barrage of paparazzi flashguns. This was the opening of no ordinary exhibition...”

Showbiz aside, James Elliott showed real ground-breaking work at the show including creative masterpieces "Aftermath", "Madness Mistress Metamorphosis", "Rumours Of The Queens Eclipse" and new erotic classic "Scarlet Blues" featuring legendary glamour queen Traci Topps - who was also at the opening.